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Water damage in motorhomes is a common problem. Water leaks in through windows the roof or through damage to the exterior Mouldings is Common causing damage to the interior wood and panelling in the Motorhome.

Repair water damage as soon as possible to minimise the amount of damage that occurs inside your Motorhome. Once the Internals are exposed to water, wood rot develops and eventually spreads. The sooner you repair the damage to your motorhome, the less you will need to repair.

Identify and repair the source of the water leak into your motorhome as soon as possible to prevent future water damage. The most common sites in Motorhomes that allow water to enter are leaking windows, damage to the roof or damage to the exterior Mouldings. Apply new seal using a tiger or a Pu sealant if the water is entering through the window or Mouldings repairs or replacement are labour intensive. A professional repair for your motorhome is the best option.

If you are not experienced in Motorhome damp repairs, try at first to just locate the water ingress and seal with the appropriate materials,Then seek professional advice.. Do not be tempted to just start pulling away materials as this can increase what could be an unnecessary bill. Of Course the preferred method of preventing damp is to have a professional carry out Regular Habitation service on your Motorhome.

Redvers Automotive have carried out many motorhome damp repairs including the complete replacement of American Motorhome Roofs.